One of the basic ideas of the festival is to create a dialogue and a platform for exchange of experience between generations of musicians. The master classes offered by the Schlossakademie serve this purpose.

Schlossakademie is a German private academy that opened its doors in 2018. An innovative study format includes various music lessons under one roof. Each master class participant has a unique and very special experience.

Internationally renowned pedagogues in violin, cello, piano, composition and orchestral conducting share their secrets of instrumental playing, discovered and perfected through years of practice.

The students of the Schlossakademie perform at the concerts together with the professors, presenting a rich and varied program at a high international level to a demanding audience.

Excellent internationally renowned professors and concert musicians teach at the Schlossakademie. Upcoming master classes will be led by Prof. Boris Kuschnir, Prof. Frans Helmerson, Prof. Viktor Tretiakov, Prof. Pavel Vernikov; instrumental ensembles such as the Borodin Quartet, the Kopelman Quartet, the Quartetto di Cremona and many more.

The master classes within the festival will be held in the premises of the Vienna Music Quarter. The complete list of courses as well as course dates can be found on the website of the Schlossakademie.