Cello Summit

Der Musikverein Wien, Brahms-Saal
Musikvereinspl. 1, 1010 Wien

  • 60,00 EUR
  • 52,00 EUR
  • 44,00 EUR
  • 36,00 EUR
  • 28,00 EUR
  • 20,00 EUR
  • 7,00 EUR
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This concert is a great celebration of the star cellists of our time.
All participants of the Cello Summit have been teaching for years and are renowned professors. The best students from his masterclasses, which took place as part of the Vienna Nova Festival, will also perform during the evening.
In the first part of the concert, various cello solo performances and duets will be presented, which in the second part will grow into a worldwide unique ensemble of twelve cellists - in such a line-up these renowned cellists will appear for the very first time.

This concert is a charity event: ticket proceeds go to UNICEF Austria to support children in Ukraine affected by the war.