Vienna Nova Festival

The need for fundamenal changes and new formats is considerable in the modern world. Classical music also needs a boost to inspire and fascinate new wider as well as younger audiences. However, the cultural life in the whole world and especially classical music is experiencing a deep crisis nowadays; several amazing projects have come to a complete standstill. But, as we all know after two years of pandemic, a crisis can anytime turn to a growth point. The Vienna Nova festival hopes to create an impulse for the new musical experiences and concert formats even at this challenging initial point.

The idea of the Vienna Nova festival was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since beginning of 2020 the international music platform Classic@Home acquired over 10 millions of viewers and listeners with ist online projects. The Vienna Nova event is intended to be a successfull symbiosis between online and offline, to present classical music in its full splendour and to instil new life into it.

The Vienna Nova artictic director Fjodor Elesin organizes and carries out a variety of musical events worldwide for years. Being a musician himself (cello) and having been managing different musical and cultural projects for a long time, Elesin runs a never-ending search of new perspectives within the traditional music formats.

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The festival program includes over 25 master classes by well-known music professors, organized by the festival partner, the Schlossakademie.


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The concert series, which takes place in the most popular concert halls of the Austrian capital - the Wiener Konzerthaus as well as the Musikverein Wien, convinces guests with a diverse program. Music lovers of all ages, from young to old will find an event that best reflects their musical tastes: from baroque to modern classical in an unexpected way, from solo performances and chamber concerts to a symphonic gala.

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The master classes held in the framework of the festival are aimed at students and prospective students of conservatories and music academies. During the private lessons students get an insight into playing techniques and know-how of world-renowned performing artists and professors.